Baghdad declares the recovery of more than 40 persons with corona


Shafaq News / Baghdad Health Department / Al-Karkh side announced on Saturday, that five people infected with Corona virus were discharged from al-Furat Hospital for Quarantine, after they have fully recovered, while the Baghdad / Rusafa Health Department indicated that 40 out of the 50 infected persons with Corona virus are recovering.

The Director General of Baghdad Health Department, Al-Karkh, Gasib Latif Al-Hijami said in a statement reported to Shafaq News, that "thanks to God, we have discharged today five patients who were infected with Corona virus after they had fully recovered, according to clinical and laboratory tests, including a pregnant woman and another elderly a 70 elderly woman and a man as well."

He added, " six infected people remain in Al-Karkhin Al Furat General Hospital."

For his part, Director General of Baghdad Health Department, Rusafa Abdul-Ghani Saadoun Al-Saadi, said that "the number of new cases of corona virus in the department reached 51 cases," explaining that "10 of them were cured, while one case died."

He added that "the cases who are receiving treatment now in Ibn Al-Khatib Hospital are 40 cases , their health is good and is recovering completely."

Al-Saadi called on all citizens to "review the nearest health institution in the event symptoms appear to confirm their infection or not, and to ensure early diagnosis and treatment and not to transmit infection to others."

It is noteworthy that the Iraqi Ministry of Health announced on Friday, the increase in the number of infections in the country with Corona virus to 208 cases, 17 deaths and 50 cases of recovery, while Sulaymaniyah Province recorded, later on Friday evening, 6 new cases.

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