Baghdad and Erbil on a date with two "opposition" conferences to the political system in Iraq


Shafaq News / Political forces calling themselves the "National Opposition Forces" intend to hold a conference in Baghdad to form a new political project that will be against the current regime.

"The time has come for the popular conference of the opposition to take place, because what is happening in the country from the recklessness of the ruling class, its indifference, its arrogance, the murders, kidnappings and threats indicate that there is no doubt that the ruling will never respond to popular and national demands,” Laith Shubbar, former advisor to Adel Abdul Mahdi  tweeted .

Shubbar added that "the conference will be held in Baghdad and will include all personalities and forces opposed to the regime and its system, noting that" financing of the conference will be from voluntary contributions to the wealthy participants. "

While Erbil will also witness launching a conference of forces that called themselves "the constructive Iraqi opposition" and may witness the presence of what is known as the gathering rejecting Iranian expansion in Iraq, led by Abdel-Zark Al-Shammari, a former spokesman for the dignity in Anbar during 2014, according to an informed political source .

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