Adnan Al-Zorfi for those who do not know him .. From his escape from prison to his opinion, "This is how Iraq should be."


Shafaq News / In front of the Prime Minister-designate Adnan Al-Zorfi , 30 days to proceed with forming a government as his predecessor, Muhammad Allawi failed to proceed due to disputes and protests overthrew former Prime Minister,Adel Abdul-Mahdi.

After commissioning, who is Adnan Al-Zorfi?

Name: Adnan Abdul-Khudair Abbas Matar Al-Zorfi

Birth: Najaf 1 January 1966

Parents: Iraqis born in Najaf

Education: Bachelor’s graduate from the University of Kufa College of Jurisprudence, MA from the University of Kufa College of Jurisprudence

Political orientation:Affiliation with the Islamic Dawa Party in 1983

Imprisonment and life imprisonment in Abu Ghraib prison, 1998-1991

Escape from Abu Ghraib Prison 2/22/1991

Participation in the popular uprising 3/1/1991 in Najaf

Establishment of the Iraqi Al-Wafa Movement 2004

Immigration: From 1991-1994 he was in Rafha camp in Saudi Arabia

From 1994-2003 he was the United States of America

Positions: Member of the Iraq Reconstruction Authority team 2003-2004

Governor of Najaf: 2004-2005

Member of Najaf Provincial Council and head of Al-Wafa bloc of Najaf 2006

Assistant Undersecretary for Intelligence Affairs, Ministry of Interior 2006-2009

Governor of Najaf 2009-2013

Governor of Najaf 2013-2015

Secretary General of the Iraqi Al-Wafa Movement

Al-Zorfi says of himself that he is a democratic patriot who believes in the independence of Iraq from all foreign dependencies and calls for a united Iraq in which sectarian and national differences are eliminated based on citizenship, believes in developing the national economy and the economic well-being of citizens, believes that Iraq is an Arab and Islamic country that plays an important role in stability and building the Arab and Islamic region and it is a balance point for preserving the region's interests.

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