"Abu Al-Hareth" senior "ISIS" member arrested by Asaish in Kurdistan Region


Shafaq News / Asaish Security Directorate in Karmyan region administration announced on Monday the arrest of a prominent ISIS member responsible for carrying out attacks targeting Peshmerga, Popular Mobilization Forces and North Oil Company in Kirkuk province.

"Our forces arrested yesterday a major terrorist called (Abu al-Harith Diyala) in Nujul region affiliated to Kifri district," Major Othman Abdel Karim, the Asayish director said in a news conference.

He explained that "Abu Al-Hareth" belongs to a terrorist family. He has two brothers who were killed in the ranks of the organization. Asaish arrested a third brother who was a prince in the organization.

He added that "Abu Al-Hareth" is involved in battles against Peshmerga forces, the Popular Mobilization Forces and the international coalition, as well as those involved in the attack on North Oil Company in Kirkuk.

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