a "middle way" for election law disagreements


Shafaq News / The Parliamentary Legal Committee revealed, Monday that the political blocs agreed to adopt a "middle way" to end the disagreement over the new election law in preparation for its passage in Parliament. 

Committee member Bihar Mahmoud told Shafaq News agency, "The Presidency of the House of Representatives and heads of political blocs agreed on a compromise. It includes that the districts, whose population was 100 thousand in the 2010 legislative elections, be one constituency by itself, while the other districts with less population will be merged to form one constituency. "

The Prime Minister, Mustafa Al-Kadhimi, announced Friday that the sixth of June 2021 is the date of the early parliamentary elections.

The new draft election law is the biggest dilemma, as the project remains in place since last year due to the differences between political blocs on some of its articles.

The Iraqi parliament had started late last year to discuss legislation for the new law under popular protests calling for the reform.

It is expected that the new law will allow more participation of independents and small blocs.

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