Zebari to MEPS: Iraq is amid the dangerous crisis since toppling Saddam Hussein's regime 

Zebari to MEPS: Iraq is amid the dangerous crisis since toppling Saddam Hussein's regime 

Shafaq News/ The leading figure of the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP), Hoshyar Zebari, ascribed the post-election phase as "the most dangerous crisis Iraq have been through" since toppling Saddam Hussein's dictatorship in 2003, deeming the next ten days, during which the Supreme Federal Court will ratify the poll's results, "pivotal and defining."

Zebari's remarks came during an intervention in the Middle East Peace and Security (MEPS) organized by the American University of Kurdistan (AUK) in Duhok.

The head of the KDP negotiating delegation to Baghdad said, "the election was held per an Iraqi consensus. Nobody can claim: I did not support the election. The Iraqi leaders themselves are the ones who coined the election law. In fact, we, the Kurdistan Democratic Party, opposed that law."

"They are the ones who demanded a new Electoral Commission, electronic voting and counting, international observation. The Security Council made the decision and dispatched an international mission. Iraqi leaders, and us, approved it and signed the election code."

"The election results might not satisfy everybody, but, in our estimation, it was a sound election."

"The election spawned these forces. None of which has won a majority...we have to be rational and practical when we deal with them."

"We are living through tough and critical days. This is the most dangerous crisis Iraq has ever been through because there is a deep division; There are parties that do not recognize the election results. We are seeking solutions to form an inclusive government...The parties that lost cannot be excluded from the political process."

"We are ahead of a critical phase. Ten days during which the election results will be ratified. We uphold the ratification, but impeding the process and hindering the ratification will end up with chaos."

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