Zebari meets with the head of Babylon movement in Baghdad


Shafaq News/ The leader of Babylon movement, Rayan al-Kildani, on Wednesday received a delegation from the Kurdistan Democratic Party(KDP) headed by Hoshyar Zebari in the movement's headquarters, downtown Baghdad.

The media bureau of Babylon movement said that al-Kildani and Zebari "exchanged views on the 'Iraqi-Iraqi' dialogue and the status of Iraqis in general and Christians in particular."

Al-Kildani said that the movement stands at the same distance from all the Iraqi parties, stressing that dialogue and communication are the only way to overcome the current political and security challenges.

The meeting was attended by representatives of both parties in the Iraqi Parliament, the statement said.

Flanked by a high-level delegation, Zebari, the KDP candidate for the Presidency of the Republic, is on a mission in Baghdad to conduct negotiations with the leading Iraqi parties on the government formation and the outcomes of the Iraqi parliamentary election.

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