Without a judicial order.. Fallujah D.C shuts down the Sheikhs and dignitaries headquarters


Shafaq News / A security force closed the headquarters of the independent Fallujah's Sheikhs and dignitaries, hours after the council criticized, on its official account on Facebook, the deterioration of services in Fallujah.

The source told Shafaq News agency that the operation was carried out by order of the Fallujah deputy commissioner, Muayyad Farhan, despite the absence of any judicial warrant to close the headquarters.

The council's post on Twitter said, "Does Fallujah deserve such neglect in services? What is the role of the local authority in following up on the tragedies the city suffers from, including water, electricity, fuel provision, and health services? Why Fallujah? Apart from other districts of the governorate?"

The local authorities in al-Anbar did not comment on the incident, which is the second of its kind in less than a week, after arresting an activist who criticized the al-Habbaniyah deputy commissioner, on charges of terrorism.

According to statements of the Fallujah's Sheikhs and dignitaries, the headquarters was closed based on "a verbal order from the deputy commissioner of Fallujah, Muayyad Farhan, without a judicial order."

According to its organizers, the council is "registered among the Non-Governmental Organizations Department in the Prime Minister's Office, and it will resort to legal procedures to cancel the arbitrary decision

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