With +40% from the U.S., Iraq ranks 11th among the world's top arms importer


Shafaq News/ Iraq ranked 11th on the list of the world's top importers of major arms with 41% of its imports from the U.S., according to stats published by CEO world. 

The largest importer of major arms between 2016 and 2020, Saudi Arabia, accounted for 11% of the global market. India followed with 9.5% of the market share, according to new data on global arms transfers published by SIPRI, while Egypt stood third. Australia was the 4th-largest arms importer in the world over the past five years, with China ranking 5th.

 Algeria ranked sixth, followed by South Korea, Qatar, UAE, and Pakistan, which ranked the last in the top ten list. 

Middle Eastern arms imports grew by 25 percent in the period, driven chiefly by Saudi Arabia (+61%), Egypt (+136%), and Qatar (+361%). Over half of France’s arms exports were to Egypt, Qatar, and India.

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