While it needs 400 megawatts.. al-Anbar is equipped with 120, official says


Shafaq News / The advisor to al-Anbar governor for energy affairs, Aziz Khalaf Al-Tarmouz, attributed the deterioration of the power shortage in the governorate to several reasons.

Al-Tarmouz told Shafaq News agency, "Many big problems are facing the electrical system in al-Anbar, the first of which is the 400 kV line that transmits electric power from areas west of the capital Baghdad, specifically Abu Ghraib, to al-Anbar."

"This is the basic line on which the governorate depends. It is completely destroyed and the Ministry of Electricity has been unable to repair it or start rehabilitating it," noting, "the Reconstruction Fund referred the repair of this line to incapable companies which drew us into a labyrinth."

He said that the governorate has reached a new agreement with the fund to rehabilitate the line, which will be opened within a few days.

Al-Tarmouz pointed out, "the other problem is that since 2003, al-Anbar has not witnessed the establishment of any electric power station. There is only al-Qadisiyah generating station, and its units operate on non-service diesel fuel, as it needs fuel and mechanisms to transport it."

"The third problem is the lack of infrastructure for electric power in al-Anbar Since ISIS' invasion of the governorate."

He indicated that al-Anbar Governorate, in coordination with one of the production companies, adopted a project to establish a crutch power station, and it completely relies on gas. The Ministry of Oil had connected a gas pipeline to prepare it according to the old pipeline network built in previous years.

Al-Tarmouz noted that many other problems have led to the poor power supply, including the meager subsidy from Baghdad.

as by al-Tarmouz, al-Anbar is equipped with 120 megawatts, while it needs 400

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