What has changed after two years of the "October Uprising"?


Shafaq News / Dozens of demonstrators commemorated the second anniversary of the “October Uprising” in Tahrir Square, the center of Baghdad.

Hundreds of thousands of citizens participated in these demonstrations, the majority of whom were young people, and their most prominent slogans were "We want a homeland,” "Sunnis and Shiites are we won’t sell our country,” and other slogans that denounced the interference of neighboring countries in Iraqi affairs.

During these demonstrations, which lasted for more than a year, more than 700 demonstrators were killed, in addition to the injury of about 27 thousand others.

The demands focused on reforms, and to put an end to corruption, quotas, and the failure at the political and administrative level.

The popular movement resulted in the overthrow of the government headed by Adel Abdul-Mahdi, and the adoption of a number of decisions, including conducting early elections under a new law.

But the demonstrators still see that their movement has not yielded all their demands, in addition they are concerned about the ability of the current government, or the one that will emerge from the elections to achieve a civil state in which a decent life prevails for all citizens.

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