Unknown party arrests Zagros journalists in Dhi Qar


Shafaq News / Iraqi Journalists Rights Defense Association reported, on Friday, that a reporter and a cameraman of Zagros channel have arrested in Dhi Qar governorate.

The association quoted the news director of the Erbil-based channel Falah Al-Fadli, as saying that “an unknown party arrested both the channel's correspondent Ali Saleh and the photographer who accompanied him, while covering the protests in Al-Haboubi Square” adding that the fate of the two journalists still unknown.

Dhi Qar governorate has been witnessing demonstrations for days demanding an end to the violations against activists. 

The Association condemned the arrest of Zagros journalists, saying it breached the national constitution and violated the principles of freedom of journalism.

It called Minister of Interior Othman Al-Ghanmi to investigate the incident to release the journalists as soon as possible.

Shafaq Live
Shafaq Live