US-led Coalition: The Green Zone’s attack undermines the rule of law and Iraqi National sovereignty

US-led Coalition: The Green Zone’s attack undermines the rule of law and Iraqi National sovereignty

Shafaq News / The US-led Coalition in Iraq commented, on Thursday, on the attack at the US embassy in the Green Zone in Baghdad warning that it endangers the lives of citizens.

The official military Spokesman for Operation Inherent Resolve (OIR), Col. Wayne Marotto said on Twitter each attack against the Iraqi Government, KRI, and the Coalition “undermines the authority of Iraqi institutions, the rule of law, and Iraqi National sovereignty.” Adding that these attacks “endanger the lives of Iraqi civilians, and the partner forces from the ISF, Peshmerga, and Coalition.”

Three rockets were fired in Baghdad's Green Zone early on Thursday.

The U.S. embassy's anti-rocket system diverted one of the rockets, and sirens blared from the embassy compound inside the zone, which houses government buildings and foreign missions.

Iraq’s Security Media Cell said in a statement, “At 0200 a.m., an outlaw group targeted the Green Zone in Baghdad with three Katyusha rockets.” Adding, the first rocket landed near the headquarters of the National Security Agency, and the second in the celebrations square, while another rocket landed near the Sheikh Omar area in a residential neighborhood, causing damage to a vehicle of a citizen.

"These actions … will be confronted forcibly by the security services, which will follow up the situation to find who carried out these actions that endanger the lives of citizens, as well as targeting foreign diplomatic missions." The statement added.

there were no immediate claims of responsibility, but Iraqi groups aligned with Iran vowed to retaliate after U.S. strikes on the Iraqi-Syrian border killed four of their members last month.

The U.S. diplomats and troops in Iraq were targeted frequently lately.

On Wednesday, the Global Coalition announced that at least 14 rockets hitting an Iraqi airbase hosting U.S. forces, wounding two American service members.

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