Tribal sheikhs and notables in Dhi Qar disown of demonstrators ‘closing official departments


Shafaq News/ Tribal sheikhs and notables in Dhi Qar disowned, on Thursday, of closing official departments during demonstrations.

16 sheikhs and notables of the Al Omar clan in Al-Islah district, Dhi Qar governorate disowned of the closure of government departments and institutions in the eastern district of the Governorate.

They also called on clan elders and notables, Dhi Qar Governor Ahmed al-Khafaji and security leaders, to take all necessary measures to implement the law, considering that "silence on such acts is an evidence of involving in creating sedition not only in the district but in all Dhi Qar."

Demonstrators in separate areas of Dhi Qar have been closing government institutions and main roads for days to pressure the authorities to improve public services, especially electricity, and provide job opportunities.

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