Torrents flood valleys in eastern Diyala, disrupt water plants-local officer


Shafaq News/ Torrents rushing down from the Iranian side flooded six valleys in the eastern territory of Diyala, disrupting water stations and the reconstruction of a dam, the administrator of al-Qazaniyah sub-district, Mazen Akram, said on Thursday.

"Floodings due to heavy downpours overflew five valleys in al-Qazaniyah,  113 kilometers to the east of Baqubah, (Mweileh, Khuzam, Tahlaw, and Tirsaq) and the Harran valley in the outskirts of Mandali, 94 kilometers to the east of Baqubah," Akram said. 

"Reconstruction work at the Mandali dam were back at square number one. The torrent swept mud and rocks that disrupted the Mandali and al-Qazaniyah water plants," he added. 

Akram reiterated the call for building a dam that accommodates the efferent waters from the Iranian side. 

"Millions of cubic meters of rainfall waters go in vain in the east of Diyala due to mismanagement," he continued. 

In 2020, Iran changed the course of torrents that end up in the Iraqi territory to mitigate the water crisis in border territories.

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