Three ISIS militants killed in an airstrike in Saladin


Shafaq News/ Three ISIS militants were killed in a large-scale military operation carried out by the Iraqi army in the vicinity of al-Tharthar lake, the Security Media Cell (SMC) reported on Sunday.

According to SMC, a group of terrorists were spotted commuting in a Pickup vehicle in the north of al-Tharthar lake near al-Sukariyat Bridge.

"Immediately, a Cessna Caravan affiliated with the Iraqi airforce carried out two airstrikes, killing two members of the terrorist group," SMC added.

"Simultaneously, a joint force from al-Jazeera Operations Command launched a search campaign in the desert of al-Tharthar. The Iraqi airforce executed a third airstrike, killing a third terrorist."

"The death of three terrorists was confirmed during this operation. The security forces found a KIA vehicle loaded with explosive material," the SMC said.

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