The terror spreads over Diyala


 Shafaq News /chaos spread in the largest areas of Diyala Governorate due to the continuous armed tribal conflicts. Two security sources said on wednesday

 Director of Abi Saida district, Abdullah Ahmad Al-Hayali told Shafaq News agency  "tribal clashes in the district are the result of the government neglect especially in confiscating the illegal weapons which displaced many families”

 “this deteriorated situation prompted me to submit a resignation request to the governor" he added.

 For his part, a security source revealed to Shafaq News agency that a security force  headed  to the district to try calming the situation in a recommendation from the Ministerial Council for National Security which assigned the National Adviser Qassem Al-Araji to control security in Diyala.

 Abu Saida district; 30 km northeast of Baqubah has been imposed to  clan conflicts for several years, which displaced dozens of families.

 The district also had been an area of conflicts with ISIS which resulted in many causalities.

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