The preparations for Pope’s visit to Dhi Qar are at an advanced stage, Source


Shafaq News/ A source in the group preparing for the Pope’s visit to Dhi Qar Governorate said on Tuesday the preparations are at an advanced stage.

The source said to Shafaq News Agency, that "the preparations for the Pope's visit is completed by 80%, and the team (UNAMI and UNESCO) that visited the Governorate recently was fully informed about all logistical preparations even for any emergency and the location where the Pope's plane will land."

On the visit of Pope to Dhi Qar, the source clarifies that it will be limited to the house of Prophet Abraham to perform the Abraham’s prayer and the Mini-Pilgrimage.

In December 2020, The Vatican announces that Pope Francis will make an Apostolic Journey to Iraq on 5-8 March 2021, visiting Baghdad, the plain of Ur, Mosul, and Qaraqosh.

This will be the first-ever visit by a pope to Iraq.

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