The missile incident in Al-Anbar creates a "conflict" in the governorate

The missile incident in Al-Anbar creates a "conflict" in the governorate
Shafaq News/ The circulating reports about thwarting the attack on the headquarters of al-Anbar governorate in the city of Ramadi spurred controversy and contradicting positions.

According to the statement issued by the Ministry of Interior, the intelligence agency arrested 13 terrorists and seized 46 rockets intended to attack the building of al-Anbar governorate, which also contains vital security and services offices.

Less than 20 minutes after the statement, the Commander of al-Anbar Operations, Major-General Nasser Al-Ghanem, said in a brief statement that this information is false, confirming, "the security situation is stable, and our forces impose complete control over the area."

"legal measures will be taken against those who spread false information affecting the security situation in al-Anbar," he added.

The Governor of al-Anbar, Ali Farhan, praised "the efforts of al-Anbar Intelligence and Terrorism Directorate who were able to thwart a terrorist operation, banished the threat of terrorism from our cities, and preserved the citizen's security and stability."

A senior Iraqi military official in the Army Operations Command in al-Anbar denied the reports about the terrorist operation intended to target the governorate building.

The source added, "the missiles that were found underground are old and date back to ISIS's occupation of Ramadi."

For his part, a member of the Iraqi parliament, from al-Anbar, who requested anonymity, expected, "the intelligence agency would withdraw its statement or amend it."

He added to Shafaq News Agency, "the talk about thwarting a terrorist operation with 46 missiles targeting the building of al-Anbar Governorate is incorrect," considering, "the Iraqi army's statement is more accurate than the intelligence agency's statement."

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