The head of “Imtidad” Movement was wounded Nasiriya’s clashes


Shafaq News/ The head of “Imtidad” Movement was wounded on Saturday while trying to prevent the demonstrators from reaching the governorate building, Eyewitnesses in Dhi Qar said today.

Eyewitnesses told Shafaq News Agency that "demonstrators expelled Imtidad’s leader, Alaa Al-Rikabi noting that "some demonstrators threw stones at him and his supporters."

In turn; Shafaq News Agency correspondent in Dhi Qar reported that demonstrators coming from Babel and Wasit and prominent activists in Nasiriya blocked the road in front other demonstrators who want to set fire in the governorate building.

Dozens responded and moved away from the building." He added.

Earlier today, Iraqi security forces clashed with demonstrators in Dhi Qar when security forces fired live bullets when they tried to storm the governorate's building.

Our correspondent said that three demonstrators were injured in the confrontations.

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