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The authority of Media wasted billions of Dinars, a document revealed

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Date: 2020-09-16T11:32:38+0000
The authority of Media wasted billions of Dinars, a document revealed

Shafaq News / MP of Sairoon Alliance and a member of the Parliamentary Media and Communications Committee, Alaa al-Rubaie, revealed on Wednesday a document showing that the current head of the executive body of the authority had recommended extending mobile contracts to compensate companies for "ISIS" era.

Al-Rubaie said in a statement received by Shafaq News Agency, accompanied by a document in this regard, "this matter is dangerous and caused tens of billions of people's rights to be lost in favor of mobile phone companies", adding, "the document signed by Safaa al-Din Al-Rabie, the former executive director of the Media and  Telecommunications Authority, states that its authority has compensated mobile phone companies for a period of three years for the era of ISIS and its occupation of a number of Iraqi governorates".

Al-Rubaie stated, "the document revealed that one of these companies submitted a request to extend its work in compensation for its losses during the ISIS war and the response was decisive by rejection because these companies had originally been compensated by a set of measures revealed by the document. However, the current executive head submitted a proposal to the Cabinet to compensate these companies for the period of ISIS's war shall be three additional years for the duration of its agreed contract".

He explained that this document, "revealed a very dangerous thing, which is that these companies were originally compensated in the past. After all these violations, the license of these companies is renewed, which confirms that there are personalities and parties who benefit from the renewal process that took place with the knowledge, approval and blessing of the Prime Minister who did not heed all the warnings and demands to stop the renewal process, but rather colluded with these companies".

Al-Rubaie considered that organized large political mafias orchestrated this act and there should be a patriotic position for all leaders, representatives and elites against this conspiracy that is intended to keep the companies working for the benefit of certain leaders and not for the benefit of the people. The Council of Ministers should have a clear position on these companies to stop the renewal of contracts, not to go to accounts and interests of its own to pass them.


Shafaq News Agency publishes the document presented below by MP Alaa Al-Rubaie.