The Shiite component in Saladin loses one of three parliamentary seats


Shafaq News/ The Iraqi elections results in Saladin showed that the Shiite component had lost about 70% of its seats in the Governorate.

The Shiite component lost two seats out of the three seats it held in the previous parliament, two of them from the Al-Fateh Alliance, according to the official in the Al-Fateh, Abdul-Saheb Al-Baldawi.

Al-Baldawi said to Shafaq News Agency, the reasons for the significant loss of the Shiite component is "the low turnout in the Shiite areas (Balad and Dujail) which is between 5-10% out of 60,000 voters in addition to the Commission's problems and the ambiguity of many electoral results."

Observers attributed the reasons for the loss of the Al-Fateh Alliance to the followed mechanism for collecting votes in the electoral districts.

The Shiite component (Al-Fateh Alliance) ran the elections in Saladin with four candidates and took one seat for Mahdi Taqi al-Amerli, a former deputy in the Iraqi parliament.

In turn, the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan in Saladin confirmed that it would keep its parliamentary seat without any changes.

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