The Sadrists can have half the Shiite seats in al-Sudani's cabinet, MP says


Shafaq News/ The Sadrist movement can take half the Shiite seats in Mohammad Shiyaa al-Sudani's cabinet if it opts to take part in it, leading figure in the State of Law bloc Mohammad al-Sayhood revealed on Sunday.

"Talks are underway to expedite the government formation process. We only have the president issue," al-Sayhood told Shafaq News Agency, "we have been informed that the Kurds have finally reached an agreement to settle this dispute. Once this issue is addressed, there is no other reason not to delay the convention of the legislative assembly."

"It is extremely crucial to run the talks in two parallel lines: the Sadrist movement and the other political forces," he said, "forming a government without the Sadrist movement is possible. However, it might not survive for too long. To enjoy a certain level of political stability, the Sadrist movement must participate in the government."

"Without the Sadrist movement, the government cannot function properly," he continued.

"Al-Sudani's cabinet will include 22 seats. Twelve seats for the Shiite component; the Sadrist movement will have six if it decides to participate. The Sunni parties will have six seats, and the Kurds four," said the lawmaker.

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