The Iraqi army launches a campaign to clear western al-Anbar from ISIS


Shafaq News/ The commander of Al-Anbar operations, Major General Nasser Al-Ghanem, confirmed today, Sunday, that the army forces launched a security campaign to pursue ISIS hideouts in the desert areas in the west of the governorate. 

 Al-Ghannam told Shafaq News agency, "We deployed army unit in the desert areas near Al-Rutba district in the far west of al-Anbar, and the rest of the border areas."

"We destroyed multiple ISIS headquarters and eliminated a large number of them," he added.

A security source in the Iraqi Military Intelligence Directorate revealed, "the Global Coalition forces installed new thermographic cameras on the border strip after members of the organization infiltrated the Iraqi lands from the Syrian side."

 The source, who requested anonymity, added, "the border strip between the Republic of Iraq and the Syrian Republic, which extends over a length of more than 599 km, needs greater government support to be fully equipped with thermographic cameras. The government also needs to deploy more troops to tighten the control over the borders."

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