The Iraqi Parliament starts its first session


Shafaq News / On Saturday, the Iraqi parliament started the first session of the new legislative term for the third year.

The Speaker of Parliament, Muhammad al-Halbousi, opened the proceedings of Session No. (1) of the fourth parliamentary session, the third legislative year, the first legislative term.

A representative source told Shafaq News agency, "The number of attendees reached 169 deputies."

The source added, "The attended representatives present at the House of Representatives session are listed on the official website of the Parliament."

The most important issues in the session’s agenda are the election law, the draft law amending the Federal Supreme Court and the proposed law amending the Personal Status Law No. 188 of the year 1959, in addition to presenting and discussing proposals for other laws and general issues. " as The second deputy speaker, Bashir Al-Haddad, announced.

The session was preceded by the procedures such as placing thermal cameras at the entrances and imposing health measures on all employees and visitors.

Earlier, before holding the session, a parliamentary source revealed to Shafaq news agency that multiple employees, journalists, and personnel protecting the parliament were prevented from entering the Parliament building on suspicion of being infected with Corona virus after being scanning in a special device at the entrance to the building.”

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