The Federal Integrity Commission probes two embezzlement cases in Saladin


Shafaq News/ The Iraqi Federal Commission for Integrity uncovered a public fund misappropriation fraud involving two employees in Baija grain depots.

The Commission said in a press release today, Wednesday, said that the Investigation department dispatched a team to Baiji grain depots and apprehended two "Laboratory Personnel" over charges of embezzlement.

The two employees categorized a 3000 tons wheat shipment as Prime, but further lab studies demonstrated traces of roasting, according to the statement.

In a separate operation, the Commission teams seized the assets of a cheque cut by "Mesopotamia Public Company" to the "Yellow Corn Factory" from the "Agricultural Bank".

The Commission said that the cheque cut for drilling an artesian well, but the project was never executed despite the funds being allocated since 2018.

"After filing the transcript on those two operations and presenting the seizures along with the defendants to the magistrate of Saladin Investigation Court for Integrity cases, the defendants were detained in accordance with the provisions of Article 304 of the Penal code."

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