The Dawa party calls for a "stand of solidarity" against Washington


Shafaq News/ The Iraqi Islamic Dawa Party considered blocking Iraqi satellite channels on the Internet by the U.S., an attack and interference in the internal affairs of countries and a violation of their sovereignty, calling for staging a stand of solidarity denouncing this intervention "to preserve the political system in Iraq."

The party said in a statement, "Blocking Iraqi satellite channels on the Internet by the United States of America is an attack and a blatant interference in the affairs of independent peoples and countries", adding, "This aggressive behavior reflects dangerous desires and tendencies that the U.S. seeks to achieve its plans in Iraq and the region, to prioritize its interests over the interests and freedoms of peoples."

"The U.S. claims to defend human rights and spread democracy in the world. Rather, with its behavior, it confirms that its regime is a dictatorial regime that interferes in independent countries' affairs and suppresses freedoms."

The party called on "political actors, media institutions, human rights organizations, and the international community to stand in solidarity denouncing this interference, to preserve the political system in Iraq, whose foundations the United States is trying to change according to its interests and goals that stand against the Iraqi people for a free and dignified life."

Yesterday, the US Department of Justice decided to block the websites of a large number of "pro-Iranian" Iraqi satellite channels, noting that they were "blocked by the US government".

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