The Change Movement welcomes Al-Kadhimi’s initiative


Shafaq News / The head of the Change Movement, Yusuf Muhammad said on Friday Al-Kadhimi’s National Dialogue initiative is an “ice breaking" among the political parties.

Mohammed said in a statement the initiative of the Iraqi Prime Minister is very important, especially at this time when Iraq is suffering from economic and political crises.

He added that it is necessary to have a serious, constructive and frank dialogue among the political parties, the various components and partners in addition to representatives of the demonstrators.

“One of the most prominent issues that can be discussed in the dialogue is the regional and international relations of Iraq and reaching common understandings about keeping Iraq away from the conflicts.” He added.

The head of the Change Movement stressed the need to establish legal foundations based on the constitution in this dialogue, especially regarding the relations between the federal government and Kurdistan in different fields such as oil and the Region’s share in the federal budget.

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