Teenagers arrested for belonging to Ashbal al-Khilafah in Fallujah 


Shafaq News / The head of Fallujah Police Department, Brigadier Jamal al-Jumaili,  announced arresting teenagers belonging to Ashbal al-Khilafah (cubs of the Califate) group, affiliated with ISIS.

Al-Jumaili told Shafaq News agency that the Counter-Terrorism forces arrested them and is currently investigating with them. 

ISIS had been persuading and recruiting children and teenagers back when it controlled one-third of Iraq (2014) and called them Ashbal al-Khilafah (cubs of the Califate).

The terrorist organization trained the Ashbal to use weapons, taught them its bloody ideology, and even assigned some of them to carry out suicide bombings.

Shafaq Live
Shafaq Live