Six power transmission towers restored in Diyala, a source reveals 


Shafaq News/ A government source in Diyala reported that six power transmission towers that were previously attacked and destroyed, have been restored. 

 The source told Shafaq News Agency that the electrical network maintenance staff repaired four towers that were destroyed northeast of Diyala, and two others on the outskirts of Al-Salam district, (25 km northeast of Baquba).

 The source confirmed that the towers are currently operating, and the governorate awaits the restoration of the Iranian power supply line, which is still cut off from Diyala due to the Iranian side's need for electricity.

Power transmission towers in Diyala and several other governorates have been subjected to major attacks, amid accusations of political parties of targeting towers for material motives, or the involvement of ISIS terrorists in the attacks.

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