Six officials arrested today in Al-Kadhimi's campaign against corruption

Six officials arrested today in Al-Kadhimi's campaign against corruption

Shafaq News / A security source revealed Tuesday that a "SWAT" force has arrested six Iraqi officials as part of the anti-corruption campaign led by Prime Minister, Mustafa Al-Kadhimi.

The source informed Shafaq News Agency, "a security SWAT force arrested today six officials, along with the former director of the retirement authority, Ahmed Al-Saadi, in Baghdad upon charges of corruption".

The source indicated, "there is a campaign against senior officials that will be implemented soon", without further details.

An informed source said earlier today, Tuesday, that a counterterrorism force had arrested the former director of the pension authority, Ahmed Al-Saadi, in Baghdad upon charges of corruption, indicating that he was placed in custody until presenting him tomorrow, Wednesday, to the integrity investigation judge.

The source indicated that the military force moved to arrest Al-Saadi upon the orders of Prime Minister, Mustafa Al-Kadhimi.

Al-Kadhimi directed earlier this month forming a permanent committee to investigate corruption cases headed by the human rights team at the Ministry of Interior, Ahmed Taha Hashem, and the membership of representatives of the National Intelligence and Security Services and the Integrity Commission (official), provided that its findings are submitted to the Prime Minister.

Al-Kadhimi also instructed the forces of the Counter-Terrorism Service, which includes the elite army, to implement the decisions issued by investigative judges or specialized courts related to corruption cases.

This is the first time that the army has been assigned to undertake this task entrusted to the security forces in Iraq.

The Iraqi Counter-Terrorism Service forces were armed and trained by members of the American army to combat the militants of the terrorist organization "ISIS" in the country.

The fight corruption is at the top of the demands of massive protests that have been taking place in Iraq since October 2019.

Iraq is among the most corrupt countries in the world, according to Transparency International's index over the past years, as international reports are constantly reporting corruption cases in the country.

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