Shortly after his inauguration, al-Khafaji stokes the demonstrators' resentment


Shafaq News/ The new governor of Dhi Qar stirred the demonstrators' angst by reversing freeze orders imposed upon the first and second Deputy governors.

A source in the governorate headquarters said that al-Khafaji reversed the suspension of his deputies Hazem el-Kanani and Aba Dhar al-Omar, noting that the suspension order was appended by the Interim governor back then, Abdul-Ghani al-Asadi's signature. 

"annulling al-Asadi's decision was sponsored by the political formula encrypted in Dhi Qar after the former candidate, Najm al-Ghazzi, refused to be second in command."

The Activist in October demonstrations, Ali Ojail, said that an emergency meeting will be held with al-Khafaji to discuss his recent decision in spite of the demonstrators' demands to ax al-Omar and al-Kanani.

"The governor intransigence might provoke the protests in the governorate again," he indicated the demonstrators had vetoed al-Kanani and al-Omar, "their return may be a part of the plot staged in Baghdad and the victim is Dhi Qar." 

A source close to al-Khafaji said that the two deputies were not frozen; they only had personal issues with the former governors. 

The source told Shafaq News Agency, "al-Omar was estranged by the dismissed governor, Nadhim al-Waeli, and al-Kanani was expelled by al-Asadi," indicating, "both decisions were for personal issues. They were not charged for neither administrative nor financial corruption." 

"Al-Omar was appointed by the provincial council. Only a decision from the Parliament can freeze him," the source insisted.

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