Shafaq News publishes the participation rates in five Iraqi governorates 


Shafak News/ Shafaq News Agency correspondents in five different governorates documented today's special electoral process. 

 Our correspondents reported that the Najaf Governorate recorded a 70% participation rate,  as 18,000 soldiers voted out of 26,000, noting that Dhi Qar had a 72% rate with 26,000 votes out of 36,000.

 As for al-Muthanna, the percentage of the special voting reached 73%, with 13,000 votes out of 18,000. 

 Maysan witnessed a high rate (76%) with the participation of 19,000 out of 25,000 voters, according to our correspondents.

 In Kirkuk, the number of security personnel participating in the parliamentary elections reached 30,772, equivalent to 62%, while the number of displaced persons participating reached 3,663 voters, with a participation rate of 56%.

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