Several governorates stand in solidarity with Dhi Qar demonstrations


Shafaq News / Demonstrators surrounded the Babel Governorate building on Saturday demanding the dismissal of the governor.

According to Shafaq News Agency correspondent, Dozens of demonstrators gathered in the vicinity of the governorate building in Hella, the governorate center protesting against Governor Hassan Mandil.

Meanwhile, the security forces imposed a cordon around the building after it was closed to prevent demonstrators from storming it, according to our correspondent.

These protests come at a time when violent clashes took place in Dhi Qar governorate for the sixth day in a row calling to dismiss the governor, Nazem al-Waeli.

The protesters succeeded in dismissing al-Waeli but they rejected the head of the National Security Agency, Abdul Ghani al-Asadi as the new governor.

In the same context, eyewitnesses reported, on Saturday, that security forces opened fire in the Najaf governorate to disperse demonstrators who stand in solidarity with the Nasiriya protesters.

Eyewitnesses told Shafaq News Agency, "The security forces shot fire at the demonstrators to disperse them."

The governorates of Karbala, Babel, Wasit, and Al-Diwaniyah also stand in solidarity with Nasiriya’s protesters.

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