Security forces to clear areas in Southern Saladin from terrorist groups


Shafaq News/ A government official in Saladin stated on Sunday that security forces and intelligence detachments are pursuing undercover ISIS cells on the outskirts of Balad district and the suburbs of Ishaqi and Yathrib to secure administrative and security units from any surprise attacks.

 The director of Yathrib district, south of Saladin, Inad al-Azzawi, told Shafaq News agency, "the pursuit operations are continuing in search of dangerous ISIS detachments sheltering in the rugged, isolated and remote areas. Those cells launch sudden terrorist attacks in the area from Ishaqi district to the borders of Yathrib sub-district."

Security units, villages, and residential areas in Southern Saladin are exposed to frequent security attacks. Terrorist groups exploit the mountainous topography of those areas as hideouts from where they launch their attacks.

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