Security forces raids ISIS sites in al-Anbar and arrests a senior official


Shafaq News/ The Iraqi Security Media Cell(SMC) said on Sunday that three ISIS dens had been raided in al-Anbar desert, west of Iraq.

In a statement, the SMC said that the directorate of military intelligence was able to obtain precise intelligence information confirming the presence of three Isis terrorist dens in the desert of al-Anbar Governorate.

The statement clarified that these dens are used as rest areas for the militants who are on their way to al-Jazira desert in al-Anbar. The security forces raided and detonated them completely.

In a separate statement, military intelligence announced today overthrowing the so-called ISIS official of hostages and casualties file in Nineveh.

In its statement, it said that the operation was carried out based on precise information in possession of the military intelligence directorate at the Ministry of Defense, leading to the apprehension of "Arab".

The detainee was arrested in accordance with the provisions of Article 4/Terrorism

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