Security forces arrest six ISIS members in Mosul


Shafaq News / six ISIS members were arrested on Saturday in the city of Mosul. Nineveh Police Commander, Major Gen. Laith Khalil al-Hamdani announced today.

Al-Hamdani said in a statement "…the Nineveh Police Command arrested six members of ISIS in the neighborhoods of the city of Mosul, two of them were working in the so-called “Al-Hisbah” while the third was working in the so-called “Al-Amniah” and the rest are fighters in the so-called “Divan Al-Jund and Al-Furqan Division”."

In 2017, Iraq declared final victory over ISIS after Iraqi forces drove its last remnants from the country, three years after the militant group captured about a third of Iraq’s territory.

Yet, ISIS still has sleeper cells in several Iraqi Governorates.

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