Salih: to insure “Justice” to all Iraqis


Shafaq News / The Iraqi President Barham Salih, met today Thursday a number of demonstrators, professors and teachers from the Kurdistan Region.

Salih indicated that securing financial dues is based on the principle of justice to all Iraqi people, without any discrimination.

He also stressed that Baghdad and Erbil Governments should work seriously to and reach a comprehensive agreement to solve the financial issues particularly the salaries.

On the other hand, Shafaq News Agency obtained a draft federal budget bill,

The bill stated the export price of a barrel of oil at $ 42, at an export rate of (3,250) million barrels, including (250) thousand barrels of crude oil produced in the Kurdistan Region.

The bill also included granting the Kurdish Prime Minister the power to conduct transfers between the budget allocations for the region in order to secure the salaries

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