Saladin might face low elections turnout, officials warn


Shafaq News/ Citizens and specialists in Saladin warned of a low election turnout due to the deterioration of services and the "fake promises" of officials over the past years. 

 Salman al-Majma'i, one of the Hamrin district's dignitaries, east of Saladin, told Shafaq News Agency, "The majority is determined to boycott elections due to the continuous deterioration of the service sector, unemployment, corruption, and the exploitation of the governorate for the benefit of some political parties."

"There is great popular frustration about the elections due to the fictitious promises of the candidates, despite the successive electoral cycles and local governments. Saladin received nothing but an exacerbation of devastation, unemployment, and a lack of good livelihood conditions."

 Civil activist Ahmed Shayal said, "The upcoming elections will be limited to the parties' supporters and beneficiaries, while independent citizens will not participate since they lost confidence in the entire democratic process."

 In his interview with Shafaq News agency, Shayal asked, "What did Saladin gain from the elections over the past years? Candidates and MPs climbed to positions and benefitted their supporters only, at a time when the governorate is still living amid collapsing services."

The head of the Human Rights Office in Saladin, Idris Ahmed al-Issawi, warned of an expected low election turnout due to the same reasons.

 Al-Issawi told Shafaq News Agency that throughout eight successive governments and four electoral cycles, Saladin citizens do not see any improvement in services or living conditions, despite the promises that precede each election cycle.

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