Saladin elections to face major technical problems, MP says


Shafaq News / MP of Saladin, Muhammad Karim al-Baldawi, expressed on Monday his strong reservations about the mechanism for distributing electoral districts in the governorate.

Al-Baldawi told Shafaq News agency, "Saladin elections will be facing major technical problems, the most prominent of which is the mechanisms of distributing electoral districts, deducting administrative units or parts of them, joining them to other units and changing the mechanisms of distributing voters".

Al-Baldawi pointed out that, "we voted on the election law and the distribution of electoral districts not to be obstructing the elections, and to block the way for those who have their own personal interests".

Several MPs from Saladin expressed their objection to the distribution of electoral districts, as they were distributed, "according to political whims aimed to plunging citizens into sectarian conflicts".

According to the new election law, the distribution of electoral districts will be as follows: 17 in Baghdad, 8 in Nineveh, 6 in Basra, 5 in Dhi Qar and Al-Sulaymaniyah, 4 in Babel, four in Al-Anbar, Erbil and Diyala each, and 3 in Kirkuk, Najaf, Saladin, Duhok, Al-Diwaniyah, Karbala, Wasit and Maysan each, as well as 2 in Al-Muthanna.

Early Iraqi elections are scheduled to take place on June 6, 2021, as was officially announced last July.

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