Sadrist movement: the PM is inevitably a Sadrist


Shafaq News/ The Sadrist movement is adamant about naming the Prime Minister, a source close to al-Hanana, the residence of the Sadrist movement leader Muqtada al-Sadr revealed on Thursday, referring to an article in the new election law that prohibits forming alliances before lining up the cabinet.

"The movement won most of the Parliament seats. It can move freely and ally with the strong blocs to form a government. The Prime Ministry is inevitably Sadrist," a source who preferred to remain anonymous told Shafaq News Agency, "al-Sadr prioritizes the domestic peace and the safety of the people. He ordered his proponents to pursue self restrain and refrain from spiraling into some parties' efforts to incite the public against the Sadrist movement."

"Al-Sadr assigned special tasks to the parliamentary negotiating committee. The committee shall distribute the Ministerial portfolios in accordance with its parliamentary entitlement (seats secured); of course, after the final results."

"Promoting the notion of forming the government by political consensus is an attempt for provocation. The Sadrist bloc, as a single bloc that did not include or ally with non-Sadrists, has won the largest number of seats as one Sadrist bloc...many independent winners expressed a strong desire to get involved or ally with the Sadrist bloc. This boosts the bloc's position both parliamentary and politically."

Earlier today, a statement appended by al-Sadr's signature included a roster that encompasses the names of the committee members, which will negotiate with the political parties about establishing parliamentary alliances in preparation for forming the new federal government.

In a statement, Al-Sadr addressed the political parties, saying that this negotiating committee "represents him exclusively."

He added, "the committee has full powers in the matter of parliamentary political alliances."

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