Rashid urges action to address plight of displaced Iraqis

Rashid urges action to address plight of displaced Iraqis

Shafaq News / President Abdul Latif Jamal Rashid announced on Sunday that over half a million internally displaced persons in Iraq are living in precarious conditions due to their inability to return to their homes.

The statement came during his meeting with Assistant Secretary-General of the United Nations and Director of the Regional Office for Arab States at the United Nations Development Programme, Abdullah Abdul Razaq Aldurderi, and his accompanying delegation at the Baghdad Palace.

President Rashid emphasized the significance of the existing relationship between Iraq and the United Nations through its specialized agencies, underscoring the need to enhance and develop these ties to achieve desired objectives in supporting Iraq. This, in turn, would help resolve the lingering issues concerning the displaced and promote economic growth and development in the country.

Furthermore, he stressed the importance of tangible progress and concrete results in the displaced persons file, highlighting the approximately 600,000 individuals who are enduring extremely complex and challenging circumstances without receiving any substantial assistance on the ground. He emphasized the imperative of resolving this issue by facilitating their return to their respective areas of residence.

In the same context, the Iraqi President pointed out the presence of national capacities, including engineers and labor force, which can be utilized through collaboration with United Nations organizations in this matter.

He urged the delegation to visit the Ministries of Water Resources, Agriculture, and Electricity, as well as the marshlands in the southern part of the country, to familiarize themselves with the required needs and exchange insights, ideas, and experiences aimed at improving the current situation in these fields.

Moreover, Rashid also addressed the water crisis faced by Iraq due to the water policies of neighboring countries and the absence of effective water management and electricity production.

In response, Assistant Secretary-General of the United Nations reaffirmed the organization's commitment to supporting the marshlands and other related issues, affirming that his upcoming visit would introduce a fresh vision focused on implementation and achievement.

Aldurderi praised the positive developments witnessed in Iraq, particularly in terms of security stability and the country's regained regional and international role. He reiterated the United Nations' support for Iraq in the fields of water management, training, studies, energy, and investment encouragement.

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