Qaani visited Baghdad to help bring political stability to Iraq, Iranian expert says

Qaani visited Baghdad to help bring political stability to Iraq, Iranian expert says

Shafaq News/ An expert on West Asia affairs says that the visit by Brigadier General Esmaeil Qaani, commander of the Quds Force of Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), to Baghdad was intended to bring back political stability to Iraq.

“Due to the negative effects of insecurity in Iraq on Iran's security, the Iranian officials have always tried to establish stability and security in Iraq,” Hassan Hanizadeh said in an interview with IRNA published on Saturday.

Qaani’s visit, according to the expert, occurred in a very important and sensitive situation.

He also believes that the trip took place in the framework of Tehran's efforts to strengthen political stability in Iraq.

“Iran does not want a Shiite-Shiite or Shiite-Sunni or Arab-Kurdish conflict to take place in this brotherly and neighboring country and has made every effort to build harmony and empathy between political groups and tribes and followers of different religions in Iraq,” he reiterated.

The expert on Iraq added that the visit by the Quds Force chief was primarily intended to create harmony and empathy between all political spectrums of Shiites, Sunnis and Kurds.

“In fact, this trip was made to extinguish the fire of sedition that was ignited by the Americans,” Hanizadeh added.

He said, “The positive consequences (of the trip) will be revealed in the Iraqi political scene in the coming days and weeks.”

Hanizadeh noted that Iran hopes that all political factions in Iraq, including Sairoon (the political party led by Muqtada Sadr), will show goodwill and will not be influenced by the propaganda and seditious atmosphere created by the United States, the Zionist regime and some countries in the region.

Regarding the composition of the seats in the new Iraqi parliament, Hanizadeh said, “The majority faction in the Iraqi parliament needs 165 seats to form a government, which is half plus one seat. The Sairoon coalition, led by Muqtada Sadr, has 73 seats, the Sunni coalition, led by Mohammed al-Halbousi, has 37 seats, and the Kurdish coalition, including the Democratic Party and the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, have a total of 61 seats.”

The regional affairs expert added that because of Muqtada Sadr's differences with movements such as the State of Law bloc led by Nouri Maliki and Fatah alliance led by Hadi Ameri, Muqtada Sadr will naturally turn to Sunni and Kurdish movements by trying to attract all Iraqi tribes so that he can win the majority and take over the parliament.

“Muqtada Sadr is not willing to form the next government under the umbrella of the State of Law bloc and Fatah Alliance, so he is trying to form a triple alliance with the Sunnis and the Kurds in order to form the next government,” the expert predicted.

The veteran expert also pointed to cultural, religious and historical affinities between Iran and Iraq, saying that Iran's spiritual influence in Iraq has always been a concern of Western countries, especially the United States and the Zionist regime, and at the same time, some Arab countries.

“In today's Iraq, where there are divisions between the country's political groups, the Islamic Republic encourages all religious, ethnic and political groups in the country to maintain unity and form a government of national unity,” Hanizadeh explained.

He also said that Iran wants to form a government in Baghdad that is the result of the will of the Iraqi people and that Iran does not want to escalate the differences between the Shiite, Sunni and Kurdish currents in Iraq.

He concluded by saying that while the Iraqi tribes are lining up against each other, the visit by Brigadier General Qaani took place with the aim of mediating between them.

“Given Qaani's eloquence and knowledge of all Iraqi political movements, his visit to Baghdad was very effective in extinguishing the fire of sedition in this country,” the expert concluded.

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