Police arrest a human trafficking network in Iraq


Shafaq News / An Iraqi court has issued life sentences against a human trafficking network after discovering an incident of "seducing girls" through the Instagram and pushing them to flee their home, according to a report published by the Iraqi Supreme Judicial Council on Monday.

The criminal court in Najaf sentenced the arrested and his partner to life imprisonment and a fine, while the partner's wife was sentenced to three years in prison for luring underage girls to leave their parents' home while they were planning to "steal their human organs".

Three underage sisters' father from Najaf governorate, according to the report, informed the police after his daughters disappeared from their home with 75,000 dinars (about $ 60), their clothes and their mother's phone.

The police found the girls after tracking their mother's phone, which was with them in Baghdad (160 kilometers).

As by the report, a friend of one of the girls said that a person in Turkey who knew the girls through social media, offered them to go to Turkey through a girl from Baghdad who issues fake passport.

One of the victims said that she had received a call via Instagram from the same person, who told her that he would help her leave Iraq in exchange for a sum of money and a fake identity.

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