Parliament sponsoring amendments to the budget only a few days after its approval


Shafaq News/ The Iraqi Parliament is considering amending the budget law only a few days after its approval, MP of the State of Law coalition, Ali el-Ghanmi, told Shafaq News Agency today, Monday.

El-Ghanmi said that Iraqi lawmakers are deliberating a motion to introduce amendments to the recently voted upon the budget act.

"The approved law does not grant any allocations to the unpaid lecturers of the Ministry of Education and the employees of the Ministries of Interior and Defense whose contracts have been terminated."

"So far, we did not discern a serious response from the government towards the demands of the demonstrators, as no draft amendments were submitted to the Parliament," he continued, "the Parliament is ready to vote upon the amendments as soon as it arrives in the Parliament building."

Unpaid lecturers were displeased as the budget law ignored their regularisation, prompting them to organize demonstrations in eight different Iraqi governorates.

The Parliament passed the budget bill on March 31, after months of ebbs and flows, with a deficit of 28 trillion dinars.

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