PUK reveals the features of the upcoming elections in Kirkuk


Shafaq News / The Patriotic Union of Kurdistan in Kirkuk revealed on Wednesday features of electoral districts in the governorate, while warning of serious obstacles facing the upcoming elections in the country.

MP of the Union in Kirkuk, Jamal Muhammad, told Shafaq News agency, "Determining the electoral districts will be done by agreement and unanimity between all Kirkuk MPs. We are with any agreement on which everyone unites even though no meetings have been held in this regard".

He added, "There are no problems between the Kurdistan Patriotic and the other blocs. However, Kirkuk and Iraq in general are not prepared to hold the elections on time due to problems and objections to some paragraphs of the election law, the lack of state control over the uncontrolled arms and the dominance of one component over the security file in Kirkuk. This Threatens the integrity of the elections in the governorate".

Muhammad stressed the need to, "involve all components in a fair manner in managing the security and administrative file in Kirkuk to ensure the success of the elections, in a way that guarantees the electoral and demographic entitlements for all components".

Earlier, the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan expressed through Shafaq News agency its rejection of the multiple electoral districts system in the upcoming elections and considered it a cause for administrative and social problems.

Article 15 of the new election law stipulates that "electoral districts are to be divided on the basis of one electoral district for each district in the governorate".

Article 49 / First of the Iraqi constitution stipulates that, "the House of Representatives consists of a number of members at a ratio of one seat for every 100,000 people of Iraq who represent the entire Iraqi people".

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