PMF releases the AAF of Nineveh operations


Shafaq News/ The command of Nineveh Operations of al-Hashd al-Shaabi (Popular Mobilization Forces-PMF) released an After Action Review (AAF) of the military operation launched in Nineveh yesterday, Monday.

The Nineveh Operations Command of PMF launched on Monday a large-scale military operation with the participation of army forces to track down the remnants of ISIS terrorist groups from the south of al-Hadar city, Nineveh.

The command highlighted the participation of security forces from the Nineveh Operations Command, the Brigades 43,21,66, and 6 of the Iraqi army, and the Tribal Mobilization.

The AAF said, "We secured the areas of Rajm al-Ozama, al-Abhath, Wadi - Tharthar, Tal al-Ghazal, Scorpions bridge, Al-Maymouni, fifty kilometers deep and fifty kilometers wide in the desert."

"The operation resulted in finding a headquarters of ISIS and a pile of explosive devices and mortar shells, which were safely disarmed."

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