PMF prevents a massacre in Miqdadiyah, Official says


Shafaq News/ The Popular Mobilization Forces (PMF) thwarted, on Tuesday, an attack saying it could be a “massacre” in the Miqdadiyah market, 40 km northeast of Baqubah.

A PMF official, Sabah Zainy Al-Tamimi, told Shafaq News Agency, "A force from the 24th brigade, and arrested the so-called Abdul-Jabbar Tammuz Jawamir, nicknamed Abu Hajar while trying to plant explosives in the market of Al-Moallem neighborhood in the middle Al-Miqdadiyah.”

According to the PMF official, the terrorist is the assistant of the commander Osama Ali Naher Al-Mahdawi who was killed north of Miqdadiyah.

He added, "The arrest of the terrorist Jawamir prevented a human massacre in Miqdadiyah.”

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