Organ trafficker and drug dealers arrested today 

Organ trafficker and drug dealers arrested today 

Shafaq News/ Iraqi security forces arrested today, Tuesday, a group of people wanted by the Judiciary over charges of Terrorism, Drugs, and human organ trafficking.

The Nineveh Police Directorate said that it successfully apprehended a wanted ISIS terrorist in the "Amel" neighborhood on the right side of Mosul.

The arrestee, according to the Nineveh Police, served as a fighter in Diwan al-Jund of the terrorist organization during at the time ISIS controlled the city.

The Counter-Narcotics Department affiliated with Nineveh’s Police Command also arrested four persons wanted for criminal charges per arrest warrants issued pursuant to Articles 28 and 32 of the Narcotics code.

The arrestees were caught in different parts of the governorate: two in Hammam el-Alil, one Makhmour, and one al-Tahrir neighborhood.

The Baghdad Operations Command said that it was able to detain four accusees, seized 15 unlicensed pistols, six machine guns, ammunition, illicit pills, 11grams of crystal meth.

According to BOC's statement, the sixth Infantry Brigade had located four RPG launchers and ammunition from a site in northern Baghdad.

The weapon and the ammunition were evacuated successfully without unwanted events.

The 11th and 27th Infantry Brigades also arrested 21 wanted persons for various charges, including drug possession.

In the same context, the second company of the Federal Police launched a search campaign in the fourth territory, in which weapons and ammunition were found, and 11 wanted persons were taken into custody.

The first company of the Federal Police arrested ten persons, according to the statement, three of whom were charged with drug abuse, while a force from the 15th Brigade in al-Karrada arrested a person accused of human organ trafficking.

The Commission of Border-Crossings caught an international driver in possession of an amount of illicit drugs at al-Muntheriya border-crossing.

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