Najaf demonstrators declare a "truce" in conjunction with Pope Francis's visit


Shafaq News / Najaf demonstrators denied in a statement their intention to escalate protests during Pope Francis's visit to the governorate, warning of "suspicious" parties and "keyboard heroes" who are trying to confuse the security situation in Najaf.

The demonstrators indicated that their decision came, "in response to those who call for an unjustified escalation in Najaf, in conjunction with the Pope's visit to the city," adding, "the escalation that took place in the past days was to support our brothers in Nasiriyah."

"We would like to show the people of Najaf, and to all the free people of the world, that there are suspicious people with external and internal ties, who want to confuse the security situation in Najaf, to satisfy the parties they belong to; including "keyboard heroes" who incite violence and use young people."

The demonstrators called on the security authorities to take their "real and serious" role in securing the Pope's visit of the guest of Najaf.

"All the demonstrators stand with any official effort by the relevant local and federal agencies to make the visit a success that everyone who carries humanitarian ideas awaits", they pointed out.

Najaf governorate has been witnessing massive protests denouncing using violence against demonstrators in Dhi Qar.

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